Discover the high performance and maintenance-free Open Type CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for professional applications. Check out additional accessories online!

Laser Marking Machine Company

Dongguan Glorystar Laser Tech. Co. Ltd. manufactures fully automatic laser marking machine for high precision applications. Feel free to call us: 0086-769-21682791.

Laser Welding Machine Supplier

Suitable for precision injection molding,casting,welding mold processing and other industries...

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Wholesale

At Dongguan Glorystar, we manufacture world-class CNC hydraulic press brake for various applications like cutting, hollowing, and more. Visit us today!

Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine Price

At Dongguan Glorystar, we manufacture the high-speed laser cutting and engraving machine for applicable industries like metals and various kinds of materials.

All parts of our machine is high quality,high performance.Except the wearing parts,we have one year warranty.

Why Choose Us

In the choice of laser equipment, do you often encounter the following issues?

No Professional Technical Guidance

--Not sure which laser equipment best suited to?

Product Quality Can't be Guaranteed

--Seriously affecting production operations?

After Sales Service Imperfect

--Cause there are problems not solved in time?

Team Laser application experts offer free three Professional laser application solutions

Let your satisfaction and then the next one, to avoid investment mistakes

Laser Class Team Of Experts

Not sure which laser equipment best suited to?

16 years of experience in laser research and production team, skilled, tailored to your selection of

863 National Torch Plan projects experience technical team to provide practical technical solutions

Technology From Germany

15 production and testing processes to ensure world-class quality

15 production and testing processes, obtain CE, ISO, SGS, FDA and other world authoritative verifica

Product appearance meticulously crafted by top Italian appearance designer, won five of copyright,

Combined with German laser specialist group and Glorystar laser research and development centers, to

After-sales service of the elite teams

Allowing you to not worry about the after-sales

16 years of professional technical team
The first time in response to customer requests
Within a month if the quality of parts, Free replacement parts

Contact Us

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