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Glorystar丨Welcome to the CIMT 2021

April 12th, 2021|

The 17th China International Machine tool Exhibition(Hereinafter referred to as CIMT 2021) is holding at Beijing International Exhibition Center (Shunyi District) now. Welcome to our booth. It’s W2-B312. Established in 1989, this international exhibition has been successfully held 16 times. It is the largest, most famous exhibition of machine tools in China. What’s more, it is recognized as one of the four major international machine tool exhibitions in the world which also include EMO, IMTS, JIMTOF by the international industry. NAVSTAR ALL-NEW which has 15000-30000W ultra-high power, the sheet steel cutting machine has a 27-inch HD screen, servo motors that can control the whole machine, modular worktables, double-layer detached machine tools,  an advanced detection screen to ensure safety. >>> ALL-New Design Adopted by 27-inches HD screen which also is a man-machine friendly interface; ultra-high net space; two worktables which can forward and backward at the same time, which is suitable for special high-shell-parts cutting, and convenient for cleaning and maintenance. >>> Servo Motors Driving Servo motors drag the worktables, effectively improve the positioning accuracy and traction of the worktable, [...]

Glorystar Laser shines in the 22nd SIMM

April 6th, 2021|

On March 30, the 22nd SIMM Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, an international event in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than two thousand intelligent equipment companies compete here. With the theme of "Create value for customers with laser intelligence", Glorystar presented a variety of global innovative upgraded products, demonstrating the powerful technological innovation strength.  NAVSTAR ALL-NEW Has Over 40000W Ultra-High Laser Power First-class quality and advanced technology R&D ability are the strong guarantees that Glorystar can always bring high-standard experience to customers around the world. Glorystar has always been in the leading position in the over 10,000-watt market.   The Pioneering Anti-Collapse Double-Layer Detached Machine Tool Structure  Advantages: Reduce the influence of ultra-thick sheet metal’s weight and laser's heat radiation on the accuracy of the machine tool, to keep its accuracy for a long time. The industry’s pioneering automatic exchange of workbenches to support the burden of 100MM thick plates, and support two workbenches to move forward and backward at the same time. It is convenient [...]

Glorystar Meet You at The 22nd SIMM

March 18th, 2021|

The 22nd Shenzhen Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition(SIMM) will be held in Shenzhen International Exhibition Center during March 30 to April 2. Our booth number is 6-B66.It covers an area of 240 thousand square meters to focus on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. Aiming to bring you superior products and better viewing experience, Glorystar staff are trying hard to prepare for it. We look forward to your visit with keen anticipation. The following are the featured products that will meet with you soon: 15000W GS-6025CE Newest High-Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-CE is the most popular model of fiber laser cutting machine. With extreme high-power laser, it can cut thicker flat sheet. What’s more, it has a great improvement in the quality and efficiency of cutting technology. 6000W GS-3015CE Popular Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-CE is the most popular model of fiber laser cutting machine. There are more than 5000 GS fiber laser cutting machines in operation on the market. GS enjoys a high reputation in the market for its high quality, high price ratio, high stability and high [...]

Higher quality and lower cost—Fiber laser cutting machine VI

January 14th, 2021|

Why is the cutting speed of carbon steel with the same power fiber laser cutting machine nearly doubled? Is it enough to pay attention to the core components and cutting effect when buying a fiber laser cutting machine? In the field of mechanical processing, laser cutting has always been occupying the steel processing market with high processing accuracy, vertical cutting section and high speed. In the sheet metal industry, how to cut carbon steel and stainless steel quickly and efficiently is a difficult breakthrough that corporate users are committed to pursuing. Nowadays, the rapid development of high-power fiber laser cutting has become an indispensable technology for sheet metal processing. The advantages of high speed, high efficiency, high precision and low cost have been favored by many users and highly recognized by the market. Among them, the introduction of the high-power new technology of rapid oxygen cutting has greatly improved the cutting efficiency and quality of thick plates. What is oxygen cutting + ? Oxygen cutting is our most used and most traditional cutting method. It is mainly [...]

How to choose a laser cutting machine?

October 30th, 2020|

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, The market structure has changed a lot. Among them, the demand for a large number of medical devices and the demand for processing of building materials have led to explosive growth in the metal processing industry. Many people are aware of the development trend of laser cutting in the post-pandemic era. Many traditional metal processing companies have gradually come into contact with the field of laser cutting. However, in the face of many laser cutting machine manufacturers, they feel unable to start. People provide suggestions and avoid detours. First of all, proceed from reality and clarify what you are processing Currently, laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, electronics, technology, equipment, aerospace and other fields. For companies, the first step is to clarify their production range, what processing materials they need, how thick they need to be cut, and what precision they need to achieve. Can the solutions provided by laser cutting machine manufacturers be practically applied? After the needs of the objects to be processed are put forward, there will [...]

The 128th Canton Fair with Glorystar Laser

October 12th, 2020|

The 128th Canton Fair is to be held online from October 15th to 24th. Our booth is 1.1G36. This Canton Fair is still online. Glorystar laser all employees prepare content day and night, aiming to bring you better viewing experience. The following are the featured products that will meet with you soon: 12000W NAVSTAR High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine NAVSTAR series high-power fiber laser cutting machine has high-quality components, ultra-fast operation and ultra-precision cutting, which can bring you excellent cutting quality. 6000W GS-CE03 3015 fiber laser cutting machine GS-CE is the most popular model of fiber laser cutting machine. There are more than 5000 GS fiber laser cutting machines in operation on the market. GS enjoys a high reputation in the market for its high quality, high price ratio, high stability and high efficiency. 1500W GS-CEG Flat Sheet and Tube/Pipe Cutting Machine The compact layout and dual purpose realize the machine's environmentally friendly design and efficient and stable fine cutting, thus continuously benefiting. GSW-FH Handheld Laser Welder Glorystar Laser GSW-FH handheld laser [...]

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