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Black Friday 2019: The Best Deals of Glorystar Laser

November 27th, 2019|

We’re excited to finally reveal our Black Friday promotion, which on November 29, 2019. ONLY ONE DAY! On this day, we will sell our laser cutting machine accessories at a discount up to 50%! Including fiber laser cutting nozzle, fiber laser focus lens, fiber laser collimating lens, and optical fiber laser protective lens, etc. SNAP THEM UP

A Three-day Laser Technology Conference – Glorystar Laser in Mumbai

October 20th, 2019|

Thousands of visitors reviewed Glorystar Laser’s cost-effective products at LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA 2019 in Mumbai at booth 4205, held from 17-19 October. Glorystar Laser displayed ONE most popular model at the trade show, “It’s an extremely attractive single table fiber laser cutting machine by far I have seen. Fast, flexible, reliable and compact bed design, all of these are like being tailored for my production, it’s a tremendous gift for me in this journey.” One of the visitors said that. Learn More In this event, Glorystar Laser not only brings machine, but also experience and solutions of laser cutting field, as one of highlight exhibitors, it showcases it’s technologies and innovation and communicates face to face with visitors there, while visitors take it as a platform of intensive conversations with persons of the same occupation. CONTACT US

Canton Fair | Show the Power of Glorystar Laser

October 19th, 2019|

The first phase of the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), which lasted for 5 days, was ended in Guangzhou on October 19. As the largest comprehensive international trade event in mainland China, the exhibition attracted 25,642 enterprises from 38 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. Glorystar Laser also appeared on the scene and shared the spectacular event. With Products as the Core, Go Ahead Hand in Hand In this grand event, with excellent product quality, ultimate professional technology and humanized service, Glorystar laser attracted core personnel from all over the world in technology and product design, research and development, as well as professionals in procurement, operation and management to come for consultation. . They are either from Russia, Finland, Germany, Britain, Italy, France and other European regions, or from India, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and other Asian regions, or from the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and other American regions, also including Egypt, Sudan and other African regions. In this five-day exhibition, Glorystar laser’s high-efficiency cutting, excellent cutting performance, and the appearance with a sense of technology and design has been favored [...]

Technology Thrills with Excellence – Glorystar Laser is in Mumbai

October 13th, 2019|

LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA, located in BOMBAY EXHIBITION CENTRE, is the branch exhibition of LASER World of PHOTONICS, which is the world’s leading trade fair platform of India focusing on photonics components, systems and applications. Nearly ten thousand people will attend this congress in October 17-19, 2019, and for Glorystar Laser, it’s the close ties to our customers & friends and a golden opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperation. By then, Glorystar Laser is going to showcase the best seller type around the world, Popular Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-3015CE 1.5kw, it’s high-efficiency and stable fine cutting, compact bed design, convenient transportation and placement of the whole machine are highlights. Glorystar Laser looks forward to communicate the latest technologies with you, welcome to join us at BOOTH 4205. CONTACT US Attention: Exhibition name: LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA Exhibition Time: October 17-19, 2019 Booth: 4205 Venue: BOMBAY EXHIBITION CENTRE(BEC) Address:NESCO, Goregaon East Mumbai, Maharashtra 40006 Exhibition machine: Popular Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-3015CE 1.5kw

A Gathering You Have to Join With Glorystar Laser-The 126th Canton Fair

October 10th, 2019|

From October 15th to 19th, the 2019 annual Autumn Canton Fair is going to be host, a wide range of industries will be covered, such as Machinery, Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products, etc. Glorystar Laser will show several fabulous machines of Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-3015, Precision Cutting Machine GS-0605P and Handheld Welding Machine with Swing Head in this event. There will be hundreds of thousands of visits by then, Glorystar Laser shows the warmest welcome to every one of visitor and will surprise you with excellent laser intelligent equipment and it’s solutions, hoping we all enjoy this great show. Exhibition name: the 126th Canton Fair Booth: 7.1C28-29,D18-19; 1.1B17 Exhibition machine: Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GS-3015 Precision Cutting Machine GS-0605P Handheld Welding Machine( Swing Head) Exhibition Time: October 15-19, 2019,9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Venue: Canton Fair Complex (No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou)

Customer Feedback in East China & Open Days at Suzhou Factory

September 27th, 2019|

On September 9th, “Glorystar Laser 2019 Customer Feedback Conference (East China Station) & Open Days at Suzhou Factory” was held in Glorystar Laser Suzhou Branch, and more than 100 customers in East China were invited to attend. Mr. Yin Desheng, co-founder of Glorystar Laser, and the heads of various functional departments at the headquarters attended the meeting as well. The conference began at 2:30 pm. On behalf of Glorystar Laser Mr. Yin offered warm congratulations, and expressed sincere welcome to all distinguished customers of Glorystar Laser for more than 500 employees. Glorystar Laser co-founder Yin Desheng gave us a speech Since its establishment in 2007, Glorystar Laser has become a global company with 6 branches & subsidiaries, more than 100 service outlets and more than 8,000 cooperative customers after 12 years of development under the care of leaders and social friends at all levels. Glorystar Laser has successively obtained honorary qualifications such as High and New Technology Enterprises and Brand-Name Products in Guangdong Province, and has achieved more than 160 technical intellectual property rights. The products cover 8 major product lines including laser cutting, laser welding, marking and laser application automation. In this conference, [...]

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