Customer Reviews Base Laser Welding 2020

The combination of traditional welding and laser beams has been put into research a long time ago and has developed a fairly mature technology. laser beam welding are widely used in equipment manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, aerospace, etc., and continue to expand to more material processing terminal fields.

What can laser welding do for you?

It can be said that laser welding can do all the work that can be done by traditional welding. Especially for the welding of metal and sheet metal parts, the effect is very good.

Pro of laser welding machine

Using modular continuous fiber laser, small size, low energy consumption, high photoelectric conversion rate; strong penetration of the laser beam, smooth welding; fully enclosed fiber tube transmission, adapt to any environment, easy to achieve welding robot , precision welding or handheld laser welder.

  • Fast welding speed, large depth, small deformation during welding;

  • It can be completed without skilled workers, such as handheld laser welder. Greatly reducing labor costs;

  • The product is clean, and there will be no waste products such as particles after welding; the welding effect is beautiful;

  • Flexible operation, can weld difficult to access parts, implement non-contact long-distance welding, can run freely, and have great flexibility;

  • Welding is seamless, and no consumables and solvents of other materials are needed;

  • Simple operation, no need to deal with after welding, greatly saving cost;

  • The welding seam is of high quality, no porosity and no blackening. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealed welding, etc., with large depth-to-width ratio, small weld width, small heat-affected zone, smooth weld, and high power density.

Con of laser welding machine

  • The one-time investment cost is relatively high, and if the core component such as the laser is damaged, the replacement cost is relatively high.

This article is mainly based on the return visits of some customers who have already purchased in the first half of 2020. At the same time, the welding ability of current welding equipment is evaluated and displayed to help customers efficiently produce.

Case 1:

Customer A mainly produces small ovens and needs to weld at the two internal welds as shown in the figure. Therefore, the welding head needs to be able to extend into the small oven, and the customer needs to realize multi-station automatic welding.

In response to the above requirements, Glorystar’s R&D provided a solution with welding robot + multi-station welding.

First of all, in response to the problem of small welding space, our R&D team redesigned the structure of the welding head and optimized the volume of the welding head on the basis of ensuring stability, so that the welding head can be smoothly inside the small oven Complete the welding work.

Secondly, the depth of the welding head into the small oven is also an issue that needs to be considered. After an in-depth understanding of the customer’s products, R&D installed an extension device on the welding head with a depth of up to 450mm, which can be upgraded later.

For the technology of automated welding, Glorystar Laser has considerable experience and a mature welding robot system. For customers’ automation needs, Glorystar’s welding robot team provided a six-axis linkage robot to drive the laser + welding head to achieve welding track control. After the simulation test, the positioning accuracy of repeated welding is ±0.05mm, which fully meets the needs of customers.

The following is the final overall layout of the entire automated welding system. The whole adopts fixed worktable double station (or three station) method, which can realize continuous welding + clamping without stopping. Different welding stations (multiple stations) can be arranged according to different products and process positions. , Which greatly improves the production capacity of customers.

During the reviews, the customer gave a very high evaluation of our automation equipment. He said that in terms of solutions, laser equipment or after-sales service, Glorystar Laser has brought me great surprises. Since it was put into use, the processing efficiency has been significantly improved, He promised to put another automated production line into use before the end of this year.

welding robot

Case 2:

precision welding

Customer B needs to weld the battery cover pole pole welding, the material is aluminum, the penetration depth is greater than 0.5mm, the surface after welding is not protruding, manual loading and unloading, double-station automatic welding.

Glorystar’s precision welding team adopts imported IPG single-mode laser + double-station workbench + customized 3 workpiece fixtures. The worker puts 3 product fixtures on the positioning board, presses the start button, and the fixture enters for welding. Position out for loading and unloading, cycle this process.

The picture shows the customized version of the fixture
The picture shows the precision welding machine
precision welding

In addition, the optical fiber welding system adopts high-definition coaxial CCD system and linear light source fixed focus system to ensure the welding quality.

The customer stated that he finally chose Glorystar Laser after fully investigating various laser welding manufacturers at home and abroad. Since its use, the stability and welding quality of the equipment has been at the factory level, greatly improving production efficiency.

Real-time welding status of some customers:

In the 1980s, the development of lasers made laser welding technology gradually be used in industrial production. The application of laser welding technology changed the development model of the industrial industry and accelerated the modernization of the industry. For example, as an emerging industry in the automobile industry, laser welding technology plays an important role in the field of automobile manufacturing. Since the automobile manufacturing process contains various precision parts, and the application of laser welding technology provides important technical support for automobile production and manufacturing, it is applied to the processing of multiple automobile parts. Its processed and manufactured parts have good quality, meet the high-precision requirements of automobile assembly, and promote the long-term development of the automobile manufacturing industry. For example, GM, Ford, and Chrys in the United States,  Honda and Toyota in Japan have taken the lead in adopting laser welding technology and achieved ideal technical application effects.

For aerospace, a variety of welding technologies are involved in the manufacturing process, such as electron beam welding and laser beam welding. Based on its technical advantages, laser welding technology plays a more important role in the aerospace field. For example, laser welding technology is widely used in weapon equipment, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft skin splicing, and skin welding. The products manufactured by laser welding technology optimize the overall structural performance of the aircraft and improve the safety of the aircraft.

At present, in the process of rapid economic and social development, shipbuilding is gradually moving in the direction of lightweight. The application of laser welding technology in shipbuilding effectively guarantees the overall quality of welding. The application of this technology can adapt to the current modernization of the shipbuilding industry. The development trend, for example, the application in the deck and bulkhead, has achieved good welding results. The application on ship deck and bulkhead ensure the quality of shipbuilding.

Laser welding technology breaks through the limitations of traditional welding technology. With the advancement of current science and technology, the application of laser welding technology effectively guarantees welding efficiency and improves welding accuracy.

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