On March 30, the 22nd SIMM Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, an international event in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

More than two thousand intelligent equipment companies compete here. With the theme of “Create value for customers with laser intelligence”, Glorystar presented a variety of global innovative upgraded products, demonstrating the powerful technological innovation strength.

 NAVSTAR ALL-NEW Has Over 40000W Ultra-High Laser Power

First-class quality and advanced technology R&D ability are the strong guarantees that Glorystar can always bring high-standard experience to customers around the world. Glorystar has always been in the leading position in the over 10,000-watt market.


The Pioneering Anti-Collapse Double-Layer Detached Machine Tool Structure 


  • Reduce the influence of ultra-thick sheet metal’s weight and laser’s heat radiation on the accuracy of the machine tool, to keep its accuracy for a long time.

  • The industry’s pioneering automatic exchange of workbenches to support the burden of 100MM thick plates, and support two workbenches to move forward and backward at the same time. It is convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

  • Exclusive use of the modular design of the workbench to prevent it from being scrapped due to long-term cutting in a fixed area, greatly reducing the cost of use.

This machine has been pre-ordered by an old customer, and the orders for this series of models are hot, which fully proves the dramatic power of Glorystar’s continuous technology R&D ability.

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

The sixth-generation surrounding fiber laser cutting machine displayed in the exhibition area seems to be ordinary but extraordinary. The unique patented dust removal structure has improved the dust removal efficiency by 110% compared with the fifth generation equipment.

The unique switchboard interchange technology makes the operation more convenient and efficient; the integrated design makes it possible to start production on the same day as the goods arrive. The unique ingenuity of Glorystar Laser’s humanized design attracted a large number of visitors at home and abroad.

 Provide Diversified Laser Application Solutions

The crowded Glorystar exhibition area not only brings a visual feast of technological innovation but also attracts visitors from all over the world with its rich full-line products in multi-scenario applications.

The three-chucks automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine is easy to operate, completely achieves zero tailings, and can achieve the whole pipe processing.

Six-axis robotic 3D cutting machines, 3D welding machines, laser marking machines, CNC hydraulic bending machines, hand-held laser welding machines, and other equipment are displayed, providing diversified select for multi-scenario applications in the fields of new energy, 3C, photovoltaic industry, etc.

This debut at Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition is not only a gorgeous chapter but a continuation as well. In the development history of Glorystar, innovation, quality and service are the permanent themes. In order to help China’s smart manufacturing, and become a world-class laser company, Glorystar staff will never stop and make outstanding contributions.

Please pay attention to the Beijing Machinery Industry Exhibition on April 12, 2021, the next stop is more exciting.