Why is the cutting speed of carbon steel with the same power fiber laser cutting machine nearly doubled?

Is it enough to pay attention to the core components and cutting effect when buying a fiber laser cutting machine?

In the field of mechanical processing, laser cutting has always been occupying the steel processing market with high processing accuracy, vertical cutting section and high speed. In the sheet metal industry, how to cut carbon steel and stainless steel quickly and efficiently is a difficult breakthrough that corporate users are committed to pursuing. Nowadays, the rapid development of high-power fiber laser cutting has become an indispensable technology for sheet metal processing. The advantages of high speed, high efficiency, high precision and low cost have been favored by many users and highly recognized by the market.

Among them, the introduction of the high-power new technology of rapid oxygen cutting has greatly improved the cutting efficiency and quality of thick plates.

What is oxygen cutting + ?

Oxygen cutting is our most used and most traditional cutting method. It is mainly used for carbon steel cutting. It has the advantages of simple equipment, flexibility and convenience, and good quality. With the advent of high-power laser cutting equipment, there are more options for carbon steel cutting of medium and thick plates: air and nitrogen cutting. Air and nitrogen cutting technology greatly increases the cutting speed of carbon steel. Among them, air cutting can greatly reduce the cost of air consumption, save time and improve processing efficiency. However, the air cutting section is relatively rough, and the bottom slag is also difficult to clean, requiring additional grinding tools.

When oxygen is used for cutting, the section will react with oxygen to generate oxide scale, which will greatly affect the stability of cutting and even cause the cutting head to shake. Therefore, traditional oxygen cutting limits the maximum speed after taking into account the cutting stability.

However, the oxygen cutting + process is improved by glorystar after several experiments, from the cutting system to the nozzle, the protective lens and so on. Solve the problems of serious temperature rise and poor cutting effect of long-time processing lenses.

At present, the speed of cutting16mm carbon steel has increased by 93% by oxygen cutting + than traditional oxygen cutting which will be mentioned in the follow-up article or contact us through the button below for details.

Laser Cutting Machine VI GS-3015CE samples

When purchasing a laser cutting machine, in addition to the six core components that must be seen: fiber laser, cutting head, CNC system, motor, machine tool, and laser lens, there are still some detailed components that need attention.

Dust removal system

For any metal cutting, smoke and dust are an important factor. In laser cutting, if the smoke and dust are not treated in time and effectively, it will affect the cutting quality on the one hand, and the health of the operators on the other hand. If the human body inhales these gases with iron filings for a long time, it will cause siderosis.

However, many laser cutting machine manufacturers are pursuing ways to reduce costs, and many customers do not pay attention to or understand the effect of dust removal, so they keep reducing the configuration of dust removal systems to control costs. Glorystar laser fiber laser cutting machine VI has improved and upgraded the dust removal system, which is environmentally friendly and protects the safety of operators.

Industrial air conditioning

For any laser cutting machine, heat generation is an inevitable problem, and it is also the most overlooked problem. Overheating will lead to a rapid decline in processing efficiency, and at the same time seriously consume the service life of all parts of the wearing parts, and cause permanent damage to some important parts. Glorystar always attaches importance to the long-term interests of customers and continuously reduces maintenance costs for customers. Therefore, the previously installed industrial air conditioners have been upgraded to improve the long-term stability of the equipment, greatly extend the service life, and reduce customer maintenance costs.

The performance of Glorystar Fiber laser cutting machine VI is far more than that. For details, please contact us. We will have professionals to connect and answer questions.