Glorystar Laser announced a new product of welding equipment on July 10,2019 10:00(UTC/GMT8), which named GSW-SF Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine, used for advertising, metal forming, lighting and moulding, optoelectronic communication devices, medical, electronics, copper, aluminum and small welding.

It looks like Laser beam welding machine here,but our product control by hand,that’s means you do NOT need match with robot, and the cost will be down.


Only 1 worker requirement,labor cost will be down 50% NOW.

Ergonomic design, easy to grasp, high comfortused.

One-piece design with high integration and small size, which is a veritable small welder.

  • 10,000+ working hours guarantee for laser sources,almost no special maintenance.

  • Easy to learn.Only 3-4 hours of learning can be used skillfully.

  • Laser safety protection function available,1 FREE safety glasses and gloves included in package.

Product Info

If you want to know more detail welding information, HERE WE GO!

  • The welding speed is 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding operation. One machine can save at least 2 welders a year. The operation is simple and easy to learn, low requirements for welding technologyof welders, everyone works can do this.

  • 10,000+ working hours guarantee for laser sources,24/7 customer services team support. Hand-held welding handle is ergonomically designed to meet the best comfort angle of the human body. It is easy to hold and can be adjusted according to the welding depth.

  • Maintenance-free, no adjustment, low energy consumption, no consumables, long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs, while traditional CO2 arc welding, argon arc weldingand other methods require a lot of consumables and energy consumption.

  • Complete welding gear, with welding gloves, welding glasses, ensures welding safety.

  • All-in-one design (laser, built-in cold water chiller, welding system are integrated), as the integration is very high , it’s system is more stable. The whole machine is small, with caster cups at the bottom for easy handling,perfect match withvarious work situations, can adjust the machine position at any time.

  • The welding finished product has small deformation, smooth undercut, small actual throat, limited heat affected zone, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld seam, and less post-weld processing steps.

But a lot people still have questions about what is handheld laser welding machine, even still confused about what is fiber laser welding. How does laser welding machine differ from CO2 arc welding or argon arc welding? Ok! Let’s check it.


Welding process

CO2 arc weldingArgon arc weldingLaser welding
Welding heat inputHighHigherLow
Undercut of the product  LargeLargeSmall
Bond strength to base metalGoodBetterBetter
Depth of welding (mm)< 1.5> 1> 0.3
The difficulty of welding depth controlDifficultHarderEasy
Pinhole fillingEasyEasyEasier
The speed of the weldingFastFastFaster
Time requiredLongLongShorter
Size of weldSmall to LargeMedium, LargeSmall
Welder dimensionsSmall, MediumSmall, MediumMedium
Applicable materialSteel, aluminumSteel,  aluminumSteel, aluminum,  copper, etc.
ConsumablesWelding wireNoneNone
Protective gasCO2ArgonArgon, nitrogen
Can manual finishingNoNoNo
Welding costHighMediumLow
Welding machine priceLowLowMedium
Operator safetyArc, harmful gases, dustIntense ultraviolet lightLaser radiation and glare
types VS

In a word, both CO2 arc welding and argon arc welding machines have lower purchase price than fiber laser welding machine, but is this the final cost? Absolutely not! Throughout the production process, the costs we need to consider are labor costs, consumables, parts repair, depreciation, etc.

  • CO2 arc welding requires welding wire as consumables, and CO2 gas as protective gas source, while argon arc welding and laser welding only need argon or nitrogen protective gas, first.

  • Furthermore, the higher efficiency of laser welding machine and the lower control difficulty are the advantages of this machine compared to the other two machines.

  • In addition to the above mentioned, welding product reprocessing is also a step spending time and resources, CO2 arc welding or argon arc welding products need further finishing or processing. But for fiber welding, the amount of heat input can be minimized, the metallographic range of the heat affected zone is small, and the deformation due to heat conduction is also the lowest, so it’s post-weld processing steps are much less.

  • There is no need to use electrodes, no concerns about electrode contamination or damage. And because it is not a contact welding process, the wear and tear of the machine can be minimized, which guaranteeing longer service life of machines.

  • To the most important points are the work environment and physical and physiological injury to welder, the factors that cause injury to the welder by the two previous welding methods include arc, harmful gases, dust, intense ultraviolet light, etc. Yet, laser welding can cause laser radiation and glare, which could be effectively mitigated through good protective measures.


The above are about types of welding processes, fiber welding is the most cost-effective one, how about handheld welding machine? What’s it highlight? And what are we most concerned about it? Yes, the labor costs! We all know that a mature welder is very expensive. Let’s take Asia as an example: How much do traditional welding jobs pay monthly 2019? It’s around $1,300 a month. So employers need to pay $15,600 a year. As to handheld welders, lower technical requirements must brings lower salaries employers need to pay, the salary is 2 times lower than traditional welders, it’s almost $433 a month, only $5196 a year. It is three times the tradition! The savings can be invested in factory construction, equipment renewal and employee benefits and environmental improvements, etc.

This is parameter table:

NameFiber laser welding machineSemiconductor laser welder
Interface typeQBHQBH
Laser incidenceCoaxialCoaxial
Laser power1000W&1500W&2000W900W&1200W&2000W
Laser wave length1070μm915-980μm
Collimated focal length50mm30mm
Focusing focal length100mm100mm
Protective gasNitrogen or ArgonNitrogen or Argon
Weld head weight0.95KG1KG
Cooling methodBuilt-in water chillerBuilt-in water chiller
Electricity demand220V/380V220V
Overall size1045*656*1280mm1045*656*1280mm
Total weight218KG215KG


NEW PRODUCT: GSW-SF Handheld Laser Welding Machine


*Easy to use

*Simple to operate

*Low labor cost

*Easy to control

*Highly precise

*Occupy a small space

*High comfort

*Less consumables

That’s the new product of Glorystar Laser, if you wanna learn more info, just collect official website: What are you waiting for! FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US!