The 127th Canton Fair transferred from offline to online. Excellent brands from all walks of life in the world gathered through the Internet. With the power of the Internet and the influence of the Canton Fair platform, the product strength and corporate image displayed online. All the staff of Glorystar Laser strove to bring customers an excellent visiting experience.

In the live broadcast of this Canton Fair, Glorystar Laser introduced the “domestic initiative” technology and independently developed the “0” Tailings Three-chuck Fully Automatic CNC Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine GS6022HG, which can achieve perfect U-turn cutting function by the functions of jaw and roller switched freely and this industry technology was the first on the front chuck. it can finish the 0 tail material function and the whole pipe cutting only by punching without cutting off the pipe halfway. The material utilization rate can reach 99.9% to save customers a lot of costs. (invention publication number: 2019108662489).In addition, the company’s hot products GS-3015CE03 and GS-4020G are also introduced.

Since the official launch of the Canton Fair on the 15th, all the anchors of Glorystar Laser have made sufficient preparations. Every anchor tried their best to bring customers an excellent visiting experience. Our anchors described product information in all aspects including equipment details, functions, and advantages. Anchors used live broadcasts in different styles and different languages to display products and answered questions for customers, which attracted hundreds of overseas buyers to come to our live broadcast rooms. “I can see the professionalism of your company from your attitude during the live broadcast. After deeply understanding your products, it seems that my vision is not bad,” said a buyer from the UK.

Glen Zhang participated in many sessions of the Canton Fair and he is an excellent salesman in our company. But this time, “Online Canton Fair” still caught him feel a little nervous. Therefore, in order to bring customers a better viewing experience, he watched much live streaming of “Internet celebrities” before the Canton Fair started to learn their utterance, language skills, body language, and so on. He said: “Under the catalysis of the epidemic, foreign trade clerks who have long relied on offline transaction scenarios’ such as sending emails or exhibition promotion should use innovative thinking of Glorystar Laser to learn the live language to develop new sales methods as soon as possible.”

Compared with the past few years, the way this exhibition held online has brought new challenges to most sellers. It is understood that to better display the appearance of products, functions, user experience, and other dimensions for Chinese and foreign customers, Glorystar Laser has carefully prepared and comprehensively planned from product preparation, technical support, and the layout of the exhibition hall to staffing. Every link the preparation work is going to make great efforts to let every customer who “walks” into the live broadcast room to enjoy the charm of Glorystar Laser products. At present, the live broadcast work in the exhibition is still under intense tension.

From doing a lot of preparation until now we joined and finished this exhibition, our employees finished their jobs and did the best in every booth configuration, living room decoration, and other tasks. More importantly, the cooperation between employees is seamless and thus making this Canton Fair a complete success. At the same time, the “domestic initiative” technology of our company has made the world feel the charm of Chinese creation.


Glorystar Laser adheres that “technology adds to your value” and continuously brings more excellent technology to serve the world.