On August 8, 2019, “Glorystar Laser 2019 Customer Exchange Conference (North China Station)” was held in Qing County, Hebei Province. More than 100 customers from the North China region attended the event.

The seminar was hosted by Glorystar Laser, which aims to serve back old customers, make new friends, develop together and win the future! The conference was hosted by Sun Rujia, Sales Director of North China Region, and Yao Yudong, Chairman of Glorystar Laser, and the highest responsible person of each functional department attended the meeting.

First of all, Chairman Yao Yudong, on behalf of Glorystar Laser, expressed warm welcome to the guests. He pointed out that Glorystar Laser can continue to achieve leap-forward development and cannot be separated from the strong support of every guest present. With the mission of “Laser technology adds the value to customers”, it adheres to the business philosophy of “Technology adds to your value”, sticking to the quality policy of “no quality, no friends”, and strives to make pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service.

In recent years, in order to meet the market demand, the company has successively launched fiber laser cutting machine, flat and tube combine fiber laser cutting machine, full CNC hydraulic bending machine, precision laser marking machine and automation accessory products, precision welding machine intelligent solution, automatic solution of power battery, etc. This exchange was going to more strongly introduce a handheld laser welding machine that adapts to the North China chassis cabinet industry. It was going to be displayed at the event, which has attracted a lot of customer consultation and expressed cooperation intention.


Then, Liu Quanyou, deputy general manager of Glorystar Laser Shenzhen Subsidiary, shared how to practice corporate culture, “Profession, integrity, exploration, innovation, unit, collaboration, value,  commitment.” as the core values of Glorystar Laser, which has been passed down within the company, leading Glorystar Laser to keep moving forward. As a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, it owns Dongguan No.1 & No.2 manufacturing bases, Shenzhen Subsidiary, Suzhou Branch and Henan Subsidiary, and has more than 100 service outlets and offices in the world, covering more than 60 countries.


Subsequently, the manager of the after-sales service department Kang Ze on the daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine to share on-site, was a very practical professional sharing, and infected the guests present. A number of cooperating customers improvised on the stage to share and express their voices, so that visiting customers can more fully understand the commercial value of laser applications, and further strengthen the confidence of on-site customers in Glorystar Laser’s products.


On-site selection of 1888 yuan award

In this seminar, Glorystar Laser also released a new generation of handheld laser welding machine, and was specially explained by Director Mu Xueyan to lead everyone to experience the scene. Handheld laser welding machine, using the most complete mechanical structure,with built-in water chiller system, laser generator, control system, fiber storage device and other all-in-one design, fully saves space for customers and can realize two working modes of spot welding and continuous welding. The fiber laser it used has many advantages such as high photoelectric conversion efficiency, small volume, maintenance-free, and low failure rate. The overall equipment is easy to operate and has a fast welding speed, especially in the welding of metal materials such as stainless steel plates, steel plates and galvanized sheets (0.5-2.0mm). It’s currently widely used in kitchen and sanitary industry, sheet metal box cabinet and other metal processing industries.


On-site selection of 5000 yuan award

On the evening, a grand appreciation dinner was held, and the atmosphere was warm and peaceful. Qingxian, as an important metal deep processing base in North China, has gathered a large number of sheet metal processing enterprises. It is an important strategic base for Glorystar Laser and the success of this laser technology exchange conference cannot be separated from the strong support of local enterprises. With gratitude, Glorystar Laser will keep moving forward! We believe common aspiration will lead Glorystar Laser to new success!