Tips, this post does NOT discuss whether you need to wear a mask in public, but simply discusses the masks effective to prevent the virus or not.

We read a lot of posts that talked about the surgical face mask NOT working for new coronavirus. Of course, we NOT agree these opinions.

First of all, as China machinery manufacturer, we made machines & mask the same times, that’s means we know more about how the mask works for protection. It should different between medical expert, we believe that the medical mask & N95 mask works for virus protection.

mask machine

For example, let’s quote the surgical mask description from Wikipedia.’ Simple surgical masks protect wearers from being splashed in the mouth with body fluids and prevent transmission of body fluids from the wearer to others, e.g. the patient. ’As we know, the new coronavirus is a kind of respiratory infections, If we can stop breathing or sneezing the virus in the droplets, then it can certainly prevent infection.

That’s not enough? Ok, Let’s talk about masks.

face masks

Everybody knows that there are 3 different masks on the market, anti-dust mask, surgical mask, and N95 mask. Maybe you think about other than N95 masks that have no effect on virus defense. In fact, this is a misunderstanding to some extent, because they are completely used for different scenarios.The first is a dust mask. According to Wikipedia description, it is only used for construction and cleaning, and it will definitely have the weakest effect on virus defense. Moreover, its masks are mainly cotton cloth, and the structure is mainly textile cloth, which cannot block some human body fluids and viruses.

mask construction

The second one is surgical masks, surgical masks generally have a three-layer non-woven fabric structure, the key point is the melt-blown cloth layer in the middle. Its design was originally used by hospital doctors during surgery or patient examinations. During the operation or examination, the doctor will inevitably come into contact with the patient’s body fluids and even blood. At this time, the surgical mask must meet one of the most important requirements is to prevent penetration, which means prevent the body fluid or blood from contacting the doctor’s skin caused to infection. This point was clearly stated on the FDA’s official website named ‘Surgical Masks-Premarket Notification [510 (k)] Submissions’ Chapter 7. We quote the original text as below,

‘Fluid resistance is the ability of the mask’s material to resist the penetration of blood and body fluids. We recommend that you evaluate the fluid resistance of your device using the standard listed below.

ASTM F 1862: Standard Test Method for Resistance of Surgical Mask to Penetration by Synthetic Blood ‘

It can be seen that medical-surgical masks can filter and block virus-containing body fluids or blood, thereby protecting the wearer’s health!

wearing masks

As for N95 masks, the FDA’s relevant information shows that it is not recommended to wear them in public places, because N95 masks are indeed used for special scenes, for the better sealing, there will be some pressure on breathing. But from the perspective of virus protection, we think it is effective, and the effect is even better than surgical masks. Interested readers can read the related post, FDA’s description of N95 masks.

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