During the use of fiber laser cutting machine, the laser tube occasionally does not emit light, which may slow down the production schedule, causing the loss of Millions of dollars, affect the quality of the finished products and damage the company’s reputation.

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It usually can be divided into several situations as below. First one is no light at a sudden, second one is the light used in the laser tube is getting weaker and weaker, and the last one is start using everything normally, no light after the next day. In the event of such a failure, the first thing to do is to check the machine itself, focusing on a few major parts, one is the chiller, the other is the power supply, and the third is the machine card. Follow the 5 steps below for details:

water chiller
Laser tube
  • Check whether the water is circulating normally, if not, repair it and make it resume running again. However, if the problem is occurred in water protection, it can be reused by shorting the water protection.

  • Click the preset button to see if the ammeter swings. If not, use the multimeter to check whether the laser power supply has 220V power. If power is normal without light still, the power supply may fail and need to be replaced.

  • It is also possible to test whether the water protection on the GND ground and the P water protection short section of the power supply is bad. Short-circuit the +5v and AIN to check the maximum output power. If the light is out, the potentiometer is broken and needs to be replaced.

  • If the main program does not emit light, the online card can use the universal meter to measure the voltage between 15 (H) or 16 (L) and 14 angles. If there is any, the card is normal, no There may be a problem with the signal of the card.

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For the light out of different operations, it can be divided into the following:

Laser cutting machine does not light up

  • Check if the laser power switch (green switch) of the machine is on.

  • Check if the chiller is turned on, and whether the chiller’s light output signal, control signal and water protection signal are normal.

  • Check whether the light output of laser tube is normal; weak light (purple) is abnormal, normal is pink. At the same time, check whether the water flow of laser tube is normal.

  • Check whether the laser optical pathment is normal, press the light button to check if the laser tube is bright, and there is a problem with the light path when laser tube bright but the laser head is not.

  • Check whether the button panel light is normal and whether the machine operation panel and power are correct, or whether the computer software parameters are correct.

  • Check whether the laser power fan can operate. If it does not, replace the power supply.

  • Check whether the light is directly emitted from the laser power signal. If the light is out, the laser tube and the laser power supply are normal. If the light is still not emitted, it means that the laser power supply is broken, and it needs to be replaced.

  • Check if the voltage is lower than 200V.

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Laser cutting machine does not emit light during operation

Check whether the fiber laser cutting machine water tank alarms.

  • When the water tank alarms, use a water pipe to connect the water inlet and the water outlet behind the water tank, and then energize the water tank to see if it is an alarm. If the alarm occurs, the water tank is broken. If there is no alarm, the water path of the fiber laser cutting machine is not smooth. Check whether the water pipe is bent or pressed by something, and whether there is any debris in the water in the water tank (replace the pure water of the water tank).

  • Do not alarm, check whether the fiber laser cutting machine power supply fan is operating. If the fiber laser cutting machine power supply fan turns, operator can use the short-circuit laser power supply 2, 3 feet, to check whether the laser tube emits light.

  • If the light is emitted, the problem is that the line above the motion control card is loose, or the motion control card is broken and need replace the board.

  • If there is no light, the laser power should have been broken. (The fiber laser cutting machine will be damaged in rare cases. To determine whether it is damaged, it is necessary to check whether the high-voltage end of the fiber laser cutting machine has a sparking phenomenon, because it is easy to burn the laser power supply and the electronic components of the board.) When the fiber laser cutting machine power supply fan is not running, use the electric pen to test whether the 220V port of the laser power supply has power. If there is electricity, the laser power supply is broken, need to repair or replace it; if there is no power, check the power switch and circuit problem of the fiber laser cutting machine.

The reason why the light of the laser tube is getting weaker during use

Check the water circulation of the laser machine. If the water flow does not circulate, please check whether the water pump or chiller plug is plugged in after the power is turned off.

Check whether the current meter of the laser cutting machine is normal. If it is normal, it may be a problem of the laser tube. Look for replacement or repair by the manufacturer. If the current meter is not normal, it is a problem of the laser power supply. Look for replacement or repair.

A machine can’t always operate well, efficient and timely maintenance is their second life guarantee, if you have any comment or suggestion, just feel free to leave your opinion below.

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