In 2011, fiber laser cutting equipment emerged, and in the following years, it gradually replaced CO2 laser cutting technology with unprecedented development speed and unique advantages. In 2015, the power of fiber laser cutting is increasing, and the 6000W fiber laser cutting machine came out, which meet the cutting processing of most metal materials.

 In recent years, Glorystar Laser keeps upgrading its products and brings 6000W high-power laser cutting machines to customers at the historic moment. Today we will compare and analyze the 6000W and 3000W applications:

Carbon steel bright cutting

In terms of cutting thickness, the maximum thickness of 3000W bright cutting is 10MM, and the range of 6000W bright cutting thickness is wider, all carbon steels below 16MM can be cut, the cutting speed is fast, the section is bright, and the taper is small (10-22CC).


Full power cutting of carbon steel

Full power cutting is 100% power cutting. The 6000w fiber laser has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, and high power density, as well as full power cutting ability. In the cutting process of 16-25mm thick carbon steel, using full power cutting has the advantages of fast speed and small taper.


Full power cutting 18-25mm carbon steel


Reduced power to cut 18-25mm carbon steel

Stainless steel cutting

Nitrogen is used to cut stainless steel. Compared with 3000W laser cutting machine, 6000W can cut 8-12mm thick plate, and the speed is increased by 140% – 333%.


Air cutting

How to reduce the cost of laser processing industry is also the key concern of users. At present, the commonly cutting gas are oxygen and nitrogen, but air cutting is also a choice when the cross-section requirements are not high. Compress the air into the air storage tank with an air compressor, use it after filtering, cooling and drying. This cutting method mainly consumes electricity, which greatly saves the cost for customers.

Among them, 3000W can achieve 2.5mm carbon steel and 10mm stainless steel without burr cutting. 6000W can achieve 5mm carbon steel and 16mm stainless steel without burr.

sample 5

6000W air cut 3-6mm carbon steel


6000W air cut stainless steel

Non-inductive perforation

Non-inductive perforation, short waiting time, seamless switching from perforation to cutting.

Fast perforation

Fast perforation means that as the power increases, the perforation time is greatly reduced.