The industrial manufacturing in the new era puts forward new requirements on the accuracy, speed and thickness of sheet metal cutting. The power that the fiber laser cutting machine can achieve is getting higher and higher. Whether you are planning to buy new fiber laser cutting machine, or have low-power equipment and are currently in operation, high power laser equipment can bring you a better return on investment.

Some readers may have questions, we only cut 5mm-10mm plates, why do we need a high power fiber laser cutting machine? What benefits can it bring to us?

1. Save time and cost

Carbon Cutting Parameters

Carbon Cutting Parameters

Stainless Steel Cutting Parameters

Stainless Steel Cutting Parameters

Taking the cutting of 5mm stainless steel mentioned at the beginning of this article as an example, the 12000w laser cutting machine works continuously for 24 hours, which is equivalent to the 6000w laser cutting machine working continuously for 2.7 days, and the 3000w laser cutting machine working continuously for 4.4 days.

For sheet metal cutting, the delivery time can measure the processing level to a large extent. The shorter the delivery time, the higher the customer satisfaction and the stronger the market competitiveness. For self-produced and self-sold customers, faster processing speed means higher parts delivery efficiency, and can easily meet the demand for increased production capacity.

2. The cost of use has not increased significantly


In addition, high power laser cutting machine can use air to cut thin plates, and the cutting effect can be guaranteed. This will further reduce the cost of use and enhance the profitability of the company.

3. A wider processing range

In a word, high power laser cutting machine can expand the processing thickness range of plates. At the same time, the utilization rate of the machine is increased. For example, your company does not purchase a small and medium power cutting machine, but when you purchase a high power laser cutting machine, you can process both thin and thick plates at the same time!

Our old customer Eric suddenly received a new order, but part of it needs to cut 30mm carbon steel. Because the low-power laser cutting machine is unable to cut steel with such a thickness, it can only lose orders in the end. But for a high power laser cutting machine, this is easy to do! Therefore, when customers have such needs, you can rest assured to accept orders! At the same time, the application fields of heavy plates in major projects such as railways, highways, water conservancy, hydropower, energy, mining, construction, aviation, shipbuilding, etc. have increased year by year. Therefore, the high power laser laser cutting machine can not only broaden your service scope, but also effectively improve the market competitiveness in the sheet metal cutting.

4. Better cutting effect

The high power laser cutting machine has a better cross-section and a smaller taper. At the same time, it can cut a wider thickness of the bright surface. It can complete the bright surface cutting of 30mm carbon steel. The finished product customer is more satisfied.

At present, some high power laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market are pursuing higher power, hoping to show their strength, but ignore that high power is not only upgrading the laser power, but also the overall structure of the equipment. For a high power laser cutting machine, higher power requires a more stable bed to ensure processing stability.

machine tool

The stability of the machine tool directly determines the stability of batch processing and the service life of the machine tool. At present, most of the laser cutting equipment and machine tools on the market have a service life of 2-3 years, and some of them are deformed in less than a year. Glorystar Laser insists on independently developing and producing high-quality machine tools for ten years. The machine tool adopts aluminum beam technology, unique switching table chain design, unique partition dust removal device, and structural optimization to ensure that the chain is not easy to break, the workbench is not easy to derail, and the exhaust gas is effectively treated. It greatly improves the machine’s performance while protecting the environment, stability and service life. Thus can guarantee a service life of more than ten years.

At the same time, we have done very detailed optimization work for the electrical layout and many “invisible” places. For example, the electrical cabinet layout of the entire machine is standardized and the wiring is clear. In addition, all our GS-CE switchboard series products are equipped with an automatic lubrication system as standard. You don’t need to worry about the lubrication and extra wear of mechanical parts within one year after leaving the factory. In addition, for the heat-intensive part of the machine tool, we also added an air conditioning cooling system to ensure the stability of the overall structure.

We have also developed an industry-leading quality inspection process. There are 21 inspection steps in the whole process, and each link is strictly inspected. Finally, mass production tests are carried out according to the samples processed by the customer to ensure processing efficiency and stability, and finally the equipment can be handed over to the customer with confidence. Just like the quality policy Glorystar insists on, there is no quality and no friends. Each piece of equipment is the result of the joint efforts of all Glorystar people. Every device is a child of Glorystar. Only when our child has the ability, we will let him go out to realize his value.

We suggest that when choosing high power laser cutting machine, you need to carefully consider the following points:

  1. Cutting speed and accuracy;
  2. Check the stability and consistency of continuous cutting at full power;
  3. Speed matching ability of the machine tool;
  4. The advanced nature and precision life of machine tool control.

You cannot simply compare price factors like buying low power laser cutting equipment. High power means high investment, and high investment implies high risk. When enterprises enter this high-return market, they must be aware of its risks. Don’t greed for temporary benefits and ignore the losses caused by later maintenance.

Our regular customer Catherine bought a fiber laser cutting machine from another company at the beginning of last year, but various problems appeared immediately after use. The cut product does not meet the requirements at all. During this period, she spent a lot of money to upgrade the laser power, but after using it for a month, problems such as damage to the parts caused by the overheating of the laser head and inaccurate autofocus occurred. In the end, she decided to change partners and found us Glorystar Laser. After understanding her needs, our R&D team customized a NAVSTAR fiber laser cutting machine for her and cut out samples according to the processing requirements she provided. She showed the results of the batch processing and detailed information about the samples, and calculated the processing costs. He was very satisfied with our service and directly signed the purchase contract for two NAVSTAR laser cutting machines. He bought one NAVSTAR fiber laser cutting machine and two GS-6022HG 3 chucks professional pipe cutting machine from our company in October last year and March this year. At the time of shipment, we provided her company with masks and others to prevent the COVID-19. After receiving the goods, she was very moved and introduced us to the working status of the two NAVSTAR fiber laser cutting machines. She was very satisfied with the stability, work efficiency and quality of the cutting products. Therefore, she decided to buy more products after a year of testing and promised to visit in person in the second half of the year to express her gratitude.

After that, we will teach you how to choose a better high power laser cutting machine based on the above customer cases, how to avoid the above situation, and refuse to waste time, cost and your own energy. Help you quickly, stably and efficiently put into production.