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Laser Ceramic Ring


Laser Ceramic Ring Product Introduction The ceramic ring is used to transmit the electrical signals collected by the nozzle of the laser head, to prevent the cutting head above the ceramic body from being damaged when the cutting nozzle collides and has an important role in the normal and stable operation of the laser cutting machine. Raytools Laser Ceramic Ring GLORYSTAR Laser Ceramic Ring Features Material: Made of high-quality machinable ceramics and special alloys, which can ensure the consistency of thermal expansion of each material of the ceramic body and prevent bursting. Processing: The ceramic body and alloy closely adhere to each other with German technology, combine with firmly welding, it does not deform when heated and the surface finish is high, while the airflow is smooth. Stable: Adopt high-quality conductive silver glue and gold-plated copper pins, good conductivity, high sensitivity, good follow-up; effective insulation, stable signal, reduce sensor damage due to impact. CONTACT US [...]

Laser Seal Ring


Laser Seal Ring Product Introduction The sealing ring is installed in the drawer of the protective lens, and through the interference fit with the lower protective lens, the protective lens under the focusing lens is sealed to prevent dust and unclean gas from contaminating the cutting head cavity, resulting in the burning of the quasi focus mirror and the collimator group. Glorystar Laser Seal Ring Raytools Laser Seal Ring Size:32.2*24*3.55mm Application:Raytools BT240 BT230 laser cutting head Features The main material is imported high purity transparent PTFE. The spring is made of stainless steel with ultra-thin, high hardness, good flexibility, and high yield strength. Its main features are the wear resistance of the material; the surface is smooth and the friction is small; the spring elasticity is appropriate. There are no problems such as large extraction resistance and poor sealing effect. High-temperature formula: modified PTFE + stainless steel spring. Low-temperature formula: polymer material + stainless steel. Pressure range: 0-45MPA [...]

Fiber Laser Cutter Dust Cover


Product Introduction The dust cover can prevent dust, chips, and hard sand particles from entering the track, reduce the damage of the hard granular foreign matter on the sliding track surface, and reduce the impact of the guide rail on the machining accuracy due to operation deformation, maintain the machining accuracy of the machine, and extend its service life. Features No deformation, long service life, good sealing, and light operation. Stretchable and compressible, the ratio of the draw ratio can be greater than 10:1. Uses special materials, can resist coolant, and is resistant to oil, abrasive wheel foam and high temperature. Long shroud and low compression. Size: 3015 :3000*1500mm / X/Y Axis 4020 :4000*2000mm/ X/Y Axis 6020 :6000*2000mm/ X/Y Axis CONTACT US

Filter Element for Laser Cutting Machine Chiller


Product Introduction: The filter element is a deep filter element in the chiller, which can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids and rust in the liquid, thereby protecting other components where the cold water circulation system passes. It is recommended to replace it in about 1-3 months or when the filter element is yellow or brown. Wire-wound Filter Element Feature Wire-wound filter is a kind of deep-layer filter, which has a honeycomb structure with dense outer and inner layers. It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the fluid, and has very good filtering characteristics. Waterproof, low & high temperature resistant, acid resistant, antistatic, fireproof, alkali resistant. Multiple filters and easy replacement. Tong Fei Winding Filter Element S&A Winding Filter Element Deionization Filter Element Feature High filtering accuracy Suitable for multiple brands Food grade material Tong Fei Deionization Filter S&A Deionization Filter CONTACT US [...]

Fiber Laser Focus Lens & Collimating Lens & Protective Lens


Fiber Laser Focus Lens The focusing collimating mirror focuses the light source parallel to a point, maximizing the energy of the light source at this point, allowing the object to burn or sublimate rapidly for cutting. Features: Standard high efficiency, low loss anti-reflectance. Double-sided AR coating process, high transmittance. High-quality crystal, high-temperature resistance. Serve & available time is long, easy & convenient to install. Fiber Laser Collimating Lens The collimating lens is a divergent angle compression of the diverging laser to achieve parallel optical transmission. Monolithic, multi-chip or aspherical lenses can be used according to different requirements. Features: Collimating lens is a composite lens to obtain the best optical quality and cutting effect. High transmission rate, ultra-low absorption, can withstand 10,000 watts of power, high threshold of enthalpy loss. Consistency is good, the working distance consistency is greater than 99.5%. High laser transmittance, high damage threshold, can be applied with high power laser cutting. The collimation effect is good, less than 1/10 wavelength. [...]

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