KN95 Mask Non-Medical


KN95 Mask Non-Medical Intended Use Non-medical; Protection Against dust, Haze ,Droplets Performance Visual filed:≥60° Inspiratory Resistance: ≤350 Pa Expiratory Resistance: ≤250 Pa Flammability(afterflame time): ≤5s Head band: Each headband, buckle and other adjust parts of mask should not slip or break under 10N tension for 10s. How to Use 1.Unfold the mask by dry hands. 2.Make sure the mask cover your face by adjusted the nosepiece. 3.Wear the straps around your ear. 4.Check the airtightness again and fixed the shape for fit. Product Information [ Name ] KN95 Mask (Non-medical) [ Brand ] GLORYSTAR [ Package ] 15.5*10cm 5 pcs/bag [ Qualified certificate ] PASSED [ Executive Standard ] GB2626-2006 KN95 [ Manufacturer ] 48% Non-woven Fabric, 26% Hot air cotton,26% Melt-blown Non-wovens. [ Manufacturer ] DongGuan Glorystar Laser Technology Co.,Ltd [ Production Address ] NO.13 Weixing Road,Niushan industrial area,Dongcheng,Dongguan,China [ Date ] Refer to the inner bag certification [ Validity period ] 2 years [ Mail ] glory@glorylaser.com [...]

Manual Ultrasonic Ear-loop Welding Machine


Manual Ultrasonic Ear-loop Welding Machine FREE QUOTE Product introduction:The manual ultrasonic mask welding machine uses the principle of ultrasonic mechanical energy and thermal energy conversion to transmit ultrasound to the mask so that the contact point quickly generates high temperature to melt the parts to be processed, it’s specially designed for all kinds of masks making which including N95 mask, C shape, Cup shape, Medical disposable mask, etc. Features Compact machine structure, small size, and space-saving; The 20KHz ultrasonic system is quieter and can meet various ear-loop welding requirements; With original transducer and high-quality component assembly, featuring stable output and reliable performance; Small and practical head design, good operation sight. Specification Power(W) 1200 Dimension(L*W*H) 115*55*110cm Weight 60KG Warranty 1 Year Voltage 220V-380V Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic Brand Name Glorystar Applicable Width 20-60mm Capacity 10-15 pcs/min Application Non-Woven Fabric Application CONTACT US Contact us for more information & newest price [...]

UV Laser Marking Machine


UV Laser Marking Machine FREE QUOTE Product introduction:With a laser wavelength of 355nm ultraviolet laser, it’s high peak power and great marking speed can reduce the mechanical deformation of materials to a large extent and has little heat effect. It’s mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, and also beneficial to the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industries to deter tampering and counterfeiting, helping to ensure lifetime brand protection and product traceability. Features Good laser beam quality, small focusing spot, small heat-affected zone, fine processing, and high yield; Easy product identification; Advanced laser processing methods, high accuracy and wide range of applications; Low-noise, high-stability processing; Low maintenance cost, no consumables; Water-cooled design, higher laser stability, stable performance, and long-term operation;  Powerful and customizable software. Specification Model GS-UV3M GS-UV5M Laser type Pulse solid-state laser Wavelangth 355nm Laser power 3 W/30 KHz 5 W/30 KHz Beam quality MI〈 1.2 Pulse Repetition Rate 10-120KHz Beam Diameter 1.0±0.1mm Marking [...]

Semi-automatic Mask Making Machine


Semi-automatic Mask Making Machine FREE QUOTE Product introduction:The semi-automatic mask making machine also called the plane mask slicing machine, is a part of the full-automatic mask machine. Compared with the latter, this machine can reach a faster speed to achieve higher productivity and is more stable. Not only that, the process covered by the machine includes automatic feeding, coiling, hemming, threading of the bridge of the nose, hot-melt, and leveling. Simply put, you only need to install the corresponding raw materials. After passing the machine, you can get the mask sheet, and all of this is fully automatic. In addition, you can also buy an ear band welding machine, we can offer a complete production line for batch mask production and processing. The advantages of this combination are small space requirement and high efficiency. Features High quality slicer. One-time molding edge, no burrs & loose ends; Low operator requirements. Fresher can get started after simple training; Easy to maintenance and statistics for photoelectric [...]

KN95 Face Mask


KN95 Face Mask FREE QUOTE Product introduction:It is mainly used in non-medical places to prevent all kinds of aerosol particles suspended in the air, including dust, smoke, fog and pathogenic microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses). This product has no exhalation valve, which can effectively block the droplets discharged by the mask wearer from polluting the surrounding environment. Features Made of high-quality material with multiple protections, achieving greater than or equal to 95% filtering effect; Stretchable ear-loop, comfortable design, with no pressure to the ears; 3D design, high fit of human face, no strangulation of facial skin, excellent wearing experience; Foldable design, easy to carry, convenient to put on and take off. Specification Executive Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95 Material: Non-Woven Fabric+Hermal Bonded Non-woven Fabric+PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric+Non-Woven Fabric Validity: 2 years Application It is worn by personnel in densely populated public transportation places and vehicles; by entering the living space of the isolation personnel [...]

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