Project Description

Project time: Jan,2019

Customer Country: Indonesia

Purchased product: GS-3015CE 3000W


Cooperation process: The customer is one of the Indonesia largest truck manufacturer and is also  HINO,Mitsubishi and BENZS car manufacturer.At the beginning,the customer knows Glorystar from his friend and then we paid a visit to him,to know that his factory had the laser machine experience in European brand.But that old machine was a lower power so that it could not mass production for higher thickness material.After visiting customer factory and analyse his products,we found that he would like to cut thickness ranging from 8mm until 16mm mild steel and his product is car body and spare parts.Then we gave a two solutions to customer for his choose,one is 3KW fiber laser cutting machine ,another one is 4KW.According to the cutting speed and thickness,we showed the difference between 3KW and 4KW fiber laser cutting machine.Due to customer budget and production,he finally confirmed 3KW better.Then we invited the customer production team to our Indonesia distributor showroom for testing.After testing,the customer asked for visiting Glorystar factory.On Dec,2018.the customer went to Glorystar Suzhou factory and paid a visit,Glorytar laser application engineer have done the demonstrations and explanations of the laser technology and applications for car manufacturing.After visiting Glorystar China factory,Glorystar regional sales manager and Indonesia distributor engineer paid a3times visiting for after sales service and price negotiations.On Jan,2019,the customer confirmed the PO.