Project Description

CO2 3D Marking Machine


Product introduction

CO2 3D Marking Machine

This model is designed by the GLOYRSYAR R&D team in combination with the needs of the foreign market for large-format marking. It adopts the original imported CO2 radio frequency laser from the United States and Germany. It has fast speed, good spot quality, stable power, and long life. The advanced digital scanning head and The cooperation of the three-dimensional dynamic focusing system maximizes the advantages of laser applications under the company’s professional software control system.

  • Outstanding product cost performance: Imported radio frequency laser, good beam performance, long service life, stable performance and maintenance-free.

  • The comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable, with the ability to work continuously for 24 hours.

  • High repetitive processing accuracy to meet the needs of repetitive processing.

  • It is suitable for marking, engraving and cutting on most non-metallic materials.

  • It can realize the automatic arrangement and modification of text symbols, graphic images, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, automatic serial number increments, etc.

Product Application

Application Industry: Pharmaceutical packaging, advertising and decoration, food packaging, leather printing plate decoration, furniture, architectural models, beverage packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing and other industries. It is suitable for marking, engraving, hollowing and cutting of various nonmetal materials and products. Marking, engraving, hollowing, and cutting of various characters, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, serial numbers, etc. can be performed.

Application materials: Shoes, apparel, handicrafts, bamboo and wood products, leather, rubber, wood, organic glass, ceramic tiles, plastics, jade, crystal, acrylic, architectural ceramics, fabrics and other non-metallic materials, Rubber and so on.


CO2 3D Marking Machine sample1
CO2 3D Marking Machine sample2
CO2 3D Marking Machine sample3
CO2 3D Marking Machine sample4


ModelGLD-100/GLD-200/ GLD-350
Average Power100W/150W/275W
Pulse Frequency1-130KHZ
Marking Area550mmx550mm-800mmX 800mm
Max. Linear Speed0-5000mm/s
Dynamic Axial Response Time<4ms
Min. Character1mm
Repeat Accuracy±0.02mm
Cooling SystemWater – cooling
Power VoltageAC220V 30A 50Hz(60Hz)
Working Humidity45%-75%
Environment Temperature10℃ -30℃
Working AreaG.W.Packing Dimension
GLD-100550mm X550mm330KG1800X1600mmX1800mm
GLD-200650mm X650mm340KG2000X1600mmX1800mm
GLD-350800mm X800mm350KG2200X1600mmX 1800mm


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