Project Description

Fiber Laser Focus Lens

The focusing collimating mirror focuses the light source parallel to a point, maximizing the energy of the light source at this point, allowing the object to burn or sublimate rapidly for cutting.


  • Standard high efficiency, low loss anti-reflectance.

  • Double-sided AR coating process, high transmittance.

  • High-quality crystal, high-temperature resistance.

  • Serve & available time is long, easy & convenient to install.

Fiber Laser Collimating Lens

The collimating lens is a divergent angle compression of the diverging laser to achieve parallel optical transmission. Monolithic, multi-chip or aspherical lenses can be used according to different requirements.


Collimating lens is a composite lens to obtain the best optical quality and cutting effect.
High transmission rate, ultra-low absorption, can withstand 10,000 watts of power, high threshold of enthalpy loss.

  • Consistency is good, the working distance consistency is greater than 99.5%.

  • High laser transmittance, high damage threshold, can be applied with high power laser cutting.

  • The collimation effect is good, less than 1/10 wavelength.

Optical Fiber Laser Protective Lens

The main function of the laser protection lens is to prevent dust and splash damage to the focusing lens, and to ensure the accuracy of the processing by periodically replacing the protective lens.


  • Complete specifications.

  • Imported coating machine is plated with hard mold and has high adhesion.

  • Ultra high temperature resistance, high light transmittance.

  • High laser damage prevention threshold, low residual reflection and long service life.