Project Description

Flying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for Data & Logo


Product introduction

Flying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for Data & Logo

Compared with ordinary CO2 marking machines, fiber-optic flying laser marking machines are not only easy to operate, but also can engrave patterns and characters at the same time, greatly increasing the scope of application. Moreover, it can directly use various format files of AUTOCAD and COREDRAW9, and can separately control the speed, depth and effect of each graphic mark.

  • Support printing of text,logo,image,etc.Only one machine can solve the printing problem of production line.

  • No consumable costs, low power consumption of the marking machine, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • High processing accuracy and support 24 hours of continuous work without additional maintenance.

  • The operating software is easy to use, and can be customized according to customer requirements, minimizing learning costs.

  • Small size and built-in full air cooling design, small factories can also be easily used.

Product Application

Application Industry: Mobile Accessories, Electronic Components, Integrated Circuits (IC), Electrical Appliances, Sanitary Ware, Kitchen, Jewelry, Auto Parts etc.

Application materials: Metal, Plastics, Electroplating Materials, Coating Materials, Rubber, Epoxy Resin, Ceramic etc.


sampleFlying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine sample1
sampleFlying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine sample2
sampleFlying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine sample3
sampleFlying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine sample4


ModelTechnical parameter
Laser typePULSE/MOPA
Laser power20w
Beam qualityM²〈 1.5
Minimum marking width0.03mm
Minimum character0.5mm
Cooling modeAir cooling
Power requirement220V/20A/50Hz
Processing methodManual loading


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