Project Description

GLB CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine


Product introduction

GLB CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

The GLB CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine produced by Glorystar Laser, with 55 to 240 tons available tonnage capacities, is a fine precision and high-efficiency plate bending processing equipment.

  • It adopts international first-class CNC bending system, hydraulic power system engineering and precision screw guide rail and other ancillary products.

  • The processing parts are of excellent quality and reliable overall performance.

  • It has a complete mold selection system with complete mold types, and is equipped with complete bending special functions.

  • Automatic programming software with comprehensive automatic detection protection and self-diagnosis.


High Precision Operation

  • Multi CNC controlled axis & mechanical compensation device.

  • Fine adjustment during part processing, using the electronic scale of the globally renowned brands of HEIDENHAIN & GIVI MISURE to detect the moving distance of the sliding column to the table, ensuring accuracy up to 0.01mm.

  • The screw rod is made of alloy steel and has a hardness of 58 to 62 degrees Celsius.

  • The guide rail is made of bearing steel and has a hardness of 58 to 62 degrees Celsius.

rack & pinion

Great Maintenance & High Quality

  • Whole EU streamlined design, heat treatment rack, high rigidity worktable

  • The bed is thickened steel plate and subjected to 600° high temperature annealing treatment

Environmentally-friendly & Stable

  • Hybrid drive system including both electric servo & driven hydraulics, reduce the use of hydraulic oil and electric at the same time, effectively achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

  • With developed unique electrohydraulic innovations in control technology. This system has greater precision, dependability, and reliability.

  • With strong overload capability and low noise, triple-phase asynchronous motor can effectively reducing noise pollution.

motor & hydraulic
operation system

User Friendly Design

  • Easy operation: Automatic angle measurement and adjustment through CNC system

  • Professional powerful CNC system:

    1. Open to any operator through simple and intuitive secondary development programming
    2. Time cost reduce, quality and productivity increases
    3. Powerful features for easy operating and better bending



                 ModelGLB 4015GLB 8025GLB 10032GLB 16032 GLB 16041GLB 20032GLB 20041GLB 25032GLB 25041
Press Capacity﹙KN﹚4008001000160016002000200025002500
Bending length (mm)150025003200320041003200410032004100
Distance between uprights (mm)114020102700270033002700330027003300
Max. opening height (mm)420420470470470500500500500
Slider stroke length (mm)160160200200200240240240240
Throat depth (mm)320340390390390380380380380
Slider speed
Approach speed180180180160160120120100100
Running speed101010998888
Retract speed1501501501301301001008080
Main motor (KW)47.57.51111151518.518.5
Tank capacity (L)170270350380480380480380480



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