Project Description

GLC-CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine


Product introduction

CO2 cutting machine main picture

GLC-CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine adopts international advanced DSP control technology, strong anti-interference ability, fast cutting speed, and high precision to realize U disk offline operation, with analog cutting, color separation cutting, power failure, and continuous carving features, etc.

  • Equipped with high-quality laser cutting head, longer life, faster engraving speed, higher cutting accuracy.

  • Optional CDD, can automatically find the anchor point and cut according to the predetermined graphic position.

  • Convenient operation, using special laser cutting software, supporting dxf / plt and other format files for easy data import and user-friendly interface operation.


Space-saving & Cost effective

Space-saving & Cost effective

  • The compact design of GLC-CO2 effectively saves space, as well as realizes the mass production of multiple machines operating at the same time, bringing you a high output, and benefits.

Always reliable

  • High-quality stepper motor and driver-guide rail, top quality lens and lens sealed laser beam as well, its stable beam power, high cutting precision, and fast cutting impresses a lot.

Always reliable
Easy to use

 Easy to use

  • Intuitive control panel with easy operation steps and all-around view of the whole work area, convenient for timely adjustment of materials according to cutting requirements.

High performance

  • GLC-CO2 has highlight advantages such as flexibility, precision, strong anti-interference, small power consumption, strong function, strong systematicity, high-cost performance, fast speed due to digital signal processing technology.

High performance


CO2 Laser High-speed Engraving and Cutting Machine for DIY Cutting Non-metallic Materials






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