Project Description

GS-C30M/60M CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Product introduction

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

It adopts cutting-edge and coherent metal RF CO2 laser imported from the United States, high-speed scanning galvanometer, fast speed, high precision, and it is a rear focus mode. The control software of the machine is based on the Windows interface and is compatible with various software output files such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and Photoshop. This product is suitable for the electronic processing industry for the processing of integrated circuits (IC), electronic components, silicon wafer identification and other components. The laser cavity adopts a new design concept so that the laser mode is good, the output is stable, and the characteristics of fine marking and fine shading are guaranteed. It adopts integrated mechanical design, brand-new optical path sealing method, overall stable and reliable, beautiful and high-grade appearance.

  • High-precision and meticulous spot to ensure perfect marking result, non-contact marking process, permanent marking effect.

  • The heat-affected area is very small, there will be no heat effect, the material will not be deformed, not scorched, and the service life is long.

  • The CO2 series models can also be used to match production lines and automated production lines.

  • The integrated design of the fuselage, the compact model saves more space, protects the internal parts of the equipment, and is not easily damaged by external forces. The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with a direction sliding wheel for easy movement.

  • Low maintenance cost, no consumables required.

Product Application

Application Industry: Acrylic carving, towel carving, wood carving, ceramic carving, food packaging carving, leather fabric carving, clothing accessories, medical packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, marking, micro-hole processing, silicon crystal Wafer marking, processing, electronic components, leather, craft gifts, etc.

Application materials: Paper, printed labels, plastics (PET, PP and PVC), rubber, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, cloth, spray coating, etc.


CO2 Laser Marking Machine sample1
CO2 Laser Marking Machine sample2
CO2 Laser Marking Machine sample3
CO2 Laser Marking Machine sample4
CO2 Laser Marking Machine sample5


Wavelength9.3um / 10.6um
Laser power30W60W
Power stability〉±1% RMS〉±1% RMS
Marking speed≤5000mm/s≤5000mm/s
Marking area100mmx100mm-300mmx300mm
Marking width0.1mm0.15mm
Minimum character0.4mm0.6mm
Cooling modeAir cooling/Water cooling
Power requirement220V 50/60HZ


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