Project Description

GS-CE Eurostar Edition


Product introduction

gs-ce euro

High-precision rack and pinion, ultra-stable reducer, large enclosure cover design, quality and beauty are considered, speed and safety coexist.

  • Scientific design: Needle plate of the lower table is higher than the outer plate of the exchange table, which is convenient for docking and automatic loading.

  • All-in-one electrical cabinet design, easy to install and move, and effectively save space.

  • Optimize the switchboard device and increase the exchange efficiency by at least 200%.


Top configuration, quality assurance

Top configuration, quality assurance

  • The heavy-duty frame structure of the large-scale gantry milling of the guide rail seat and the design of the hollow bed body have good rigidity and high strength, and can effectively reduce thermal effects and isolate heat radiation.

  • The crossbeam is made of aviation aluminum material and designed by Glorystar Laser, which achieved best effect of stable operationafter several modifications and mechanical analysis.

Quality control

  • Glorystar Laser’s steel stamp SN can be used for subsequent quality problem tracing and maintenance of each machine.

  • The after-sales service department will record the after-sales data of each device after shipment to achieve effective control of the “life course” of each device and take responsibility for each machine to the end.

Quality control
Patented design

Patented design

  • Over hundreds of patented designs and fully applied in product optimization, like the traction connection and guidance of the workbench, which makes the chain difficult to break, and not easy to derail, are patented by Glorystar Laser.

 Eco-friendly and safe design

  • The air exhaust opening is closer to the cutting area, the air exhaust opening is enlarged, and the area is increased to achieve a better air exhaust effect and be more environmentally friendly.

  • Elimination of the hydraulic station, a more scientific mechanical structure of the exchange table reduces the occurrence of failure rates.



Laser Cutting 6 mm Brass Plate to Make Horseshoeing Shape




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