Project Description

GS-CE Pro Series


Glory Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Double machine foot, high-precision guarantee, ultra-stable reducer, large enclosure cover design, quality and beauty are considered, speed and safety coexist.


Double Machine Foot

The industry’s pioneering design double machine foot, while the upper and lower worktables are separated from the load of the inner wall plate, effectively reduce the deformation of the machine bed caused by excessive gravity during thick plate cutting, and maintain high precision for along time. It is also adopted with a 27-inch LCD.

Top configuration, quality assurance

Stronger Machine Tool

The end of the worktable is equipped with clamping components as standard, the bending rigidity is increased by 50%, the traction force is increased by 80%, and the thickness of the side plate of the bed is increased to 16mm.


It is equipped with a large air volume dust removal system and 8-30 full automatic dust removal zones are designed under the cutting area of the machine tool as a standard. The high-end dust removal configuration allows the smoke and dust produced by cutting to be directly discharged into the workshop after treatment. The dust removal efficiency is high, safe and environment-friendly, and it greatly improves the working environment of equipment and operators.

Modular Worktables

Long-term concentration cutting of high-power lasers in a certain area may cause deformation or even scrap of the worktable in that area. Modular design can reduce to zero, it is possible to replace only the worktable in the damaged area to minimize replacement costs.


Laser Cutting 6 mm Brass Plate to Make Horseshoeing Shape



Technical Parameters

Code name of Width4020602060258025
Maximum material width (mm)4000*20006000*20006000*25008000*2500
X-axis working stroke (mm)2050205025502550
Y-axis working stroke (mm)4050605060508050
Z-axis working stroke (mm)290290290290
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy≤0.03mm/m
X/Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy≤0.02mm
Maximum synthetic positioning speed140m/min
Maximum acceleration2.1G
Slit’s width0.1-0.5mm(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Slit’s roughnessRa3.2-Ra25.4(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Maximum cutting thickness rangeRefer to the craft parameter table
Minimum setting unit0.001mm
Covering area of machine tool (mm)12000×550016000*550016000*600021000*5000
Host volume (mm)15300*4200*250015300*3500*220015300*4000*220019500*4000*2000
CNC systemCypCut(8000 Bus)
Driving modeGear rack dual drive
Maximum bearing capacity of worktable (T)
Machine weight (T)10121316
Total installed power consumption (approximately)Laser power:8000W80KW
Laser power:10000W100kW
Laser power:12000W120kW
Laser power:15000W150kW
Power requirementsAC380V,50Hz;3P+N+PE
Total power protection levelIP54



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