Project Description

GS-CEG Flat Sheet and Tube/Pipe Cutting Machine


Product introduction

Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting Machine with Shuttle Platform GS-CEG

Compact layout with dual usage, realizing continuously benefit from machine’s eco-friendly design and high-efficiency and stable fine cutting.

  • Intelligent feedback device with a digital signal processing controller, which can be adjusted for different load conditions, stable operation, low maintenance cost, and fast response speed.

  • Optimize and upgrade the upper and lower switching stations for faster switching.

  • Equipped with gas source pressure monitoring device and electric proportional valve as standard, realizing real-time monitoring of gas consumption.


Versatile concept 

Versatile concept

  • Compact design with a cover over the bed, perfectly meet your needs for both sheet and pipe cutting by one machine with high precision and stability.

Patented design

  • The traction connection and guidance of the workbench, which makes the chain difficult to break, and not easy to derail, are patented by Glorystar Laser.

Patented design

Eco-friendly layout

  • Cutting dust is absorbed efficiently by its complete and multiple air extraction and dust removal devices, leave a much more clean processing environment.

Top configuration & High quality

  • The heavy-duty frame structure of the large-scale gantry milling of the guide rail seat and the design of the hollow bed body have good rigidity and high strength, and can effectively reduce thermal effects and isolate heat radiation.

  • The crossbeam is made of aviation aluminum material and designed by Glorystar Laser, which achieved best effect of stable operationafter several modifications and mechanical analysis.

Top configuration, quality assurance


1mm Tube Cutting Video of GS-3015CEG Flat and Tube Combine Fiber Laser Cutting Machine




GS-CEG Features



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