Project Description

GS-EG Tube/Pipe Laser Cutting Machine


Product introduction


GS-60EG Series, the greatest tube/pipe processing machine, realizing high-quality multiple tube cutting demands with little time and cost.

  • Equipped with the best German IGUS towline and flexible cable, with low noise,  little abrasion and long service life.

  • Equipped with a fully automatic grease injection system as standard, multiple automatic oil injection holes are set to reduce manual operation and failure rates.

  • With a comprehensive alarm function, and display abnormal places on the operation panel to reduce potential safety hazards.


Patented design

 Patented design

  • The self-developed electric chuck is used for full stroke operation without the need to change the chucks midway; and the front and rear chuck adopts the automatic self-centering chuck, which can quickly complete the clamping and loosening action of the pipe, and can quickly adjust the clamping force of the chuck according to the wall thickness of the pipe.

Optimum cutting result

  • It could be 50-100mm cutting tail in a standard device, while no more than 50mm tail is achievable in optional “0” tail cutting device.

  • The optional 5-axis device, also known as the bevel cut option, helps operators achieve high-quality bevel cuts of up to 45° and therefore affords them a large amount of end product no need for reprocessing.

Optimum cutting result
Highly automated operation

Highly automated operation

  • Optional automatic feeding device features integrated profile welding, simple and practical,  compact design, minimize your loading time by using it for batch loading.

Multi shape cutting

  • It is suitable for all kinds of commonly used closed and non-closed metal pipe processing, such as: square pass, round pipe, oval pipe, angle iron, channel steel, I-beam and so on.

Multi shape cutting


Tube Laser Cutting Machine for cutting Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Beam Channel, Square Pipe


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GS-EG parameter



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