Project Description

GS-FH0002 Four-Station Laser Welding Machine


Product introduction

GS-FH0002 Four-Station Laser Welding Machine

The four-station laser welding machine consists of: precision welding system, fiber laser, precision motion module, and four-station slider module. The corresponding power laser can be matched according to different welding requirements. The one-laser, four-station mode greatly improves the laser utilization rate and equipment production efficiency.

  • The one-laser, four-station processing method greatly improves the laser utilization and production efficiency.

  • High-quality optical lens system can achieve long-term efficient and stable work.

  • The perfect combination of high-definition coaxial CCD system, line light source and fixed focus makes the programming of product welding and wire copying faster and debugging efficiency.

  • Precision motion module is an important guarantee for stable processing of products.

Product Application

Four-station laser welding machine, high-efficiency and accurate welding system are widely used in electronics, shipbuilding, aviation, transportation, medical, automotive and other industries that require high-quality laser welding, such as new energy power batteries, mobile phone frames, surgical equipment, etc. Metal material welding.


ItemTechnical parameterRemarks
machine typeGS-FH0002
Way of workingFour-station sliding table
Laser wavelength1070nm
Laser power1000W/2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W(Optional)
Fiber core diameter50um、100um、200um
XYZ axis travel600*700*200mmCan be customized according to needs
Feed axis stroke400mm/700mm
TargetingRed light, coaxial vision CCD system
Power supply and powerAC220V;AC380V


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