Project Description

GS-FH0003 Double-Station Turntable Laser Welding Machine


Product introduction

GS-FH0003 Double-Station Turntable Laser Welding Machine

The double station rotary welding machine is made of the fiber laser. It is composed of modules such as precision optical welding system and turntable rotating station. It perfectly reflects the excellent performance of equipment processing such as high efficiency and precision. It has high adaptability for welding different metal materials.

  • One laser and rotary double-station processing method greatly improve laser utilization and production efficiency.

  • The high-quality optical lens system can achieve long-term efficient and stable work.

  • The perfect combination of high-definition coaxial CCD system, line light source and fixed focus makes the programming of product welding and wire copying faster and the debugging efficiency.

  • The precision motion module is an important guarantee for stable processing of products.

Product Application

Double-station turntable welding machine, high-efficiency and accurate welding system are widely used in electronics, shipbuilding, aviation, transportation, medical, automotive and other industries that require high-quality laser welding, new energy power batteries, mobile phone frames, surgical equipment, etc. Metal material welding.


ItemTechnical ParameterRemarks
Way of workingRotating double station
Laser wavelength1070nm
Laser power1000W/2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W optional
XYZ axis travel700*250*200mmCan be customized according to needs
Turntable diameter750mm
Turntable load≤50Kg
TargetingRed light, coaxial vision CCD system
Voltage demandAC220V;AC380V


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