Project Description

GS Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Product introduction


GS series single table fiber laser cutting machine adopts open structure, with less space, and is easy to operate and affordable, which is a great choice for most small and medium-sized enterprises and those with high requirements for machine occupation.

  • High precision ball screw and rack and pinion, high stability and cutting speed.

  • Integrated electrical cabinet design, equipped with easy-to-remove feet, convenient to install and move, and effectively save space.

  • With comprehensive alarm function, and display abnormal places on the operation panel to reduce potential safety hazards.


Space-saving & Cost-effective

Space-saving & Cost-effective

  • The compact space-savers of the GS popular with their super low investment and operating costs, as well as their operation, which is revolutionary in its simplicity.

Simple operation & Easy maintenance

  • Easy-to-learn operation design is friendly to operator both skilled and novice, compact design save the amount of maintenance time and cost.

Simple operation & Easy maintenance


  • The automatic oil injection system has 8 automatic lubrication points, and each of them is filled with oil every 3 hours and is filled with 0.1CC, which effectively reduces manual operation and is highly intelligent and controllable.

 Safety assurance

  • Equipped with air source pressure monitoring device and electric proportional valve as standard to ensure the safe and effective operation of the machine.

Safety assurance


Precision Cutting Dense Hole Disc Video with 1500W Laser Cutting Machine




Format code3015402060206025
Maximum material width (mm)3000×15004000×20006000×20006000×2500
X axis travel (mm)1520202020202520
Y axis travel (mm)3020402060206020
Z axis travel (mm)808080125
X/Y axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy≤0.04mm
Maximum positioning speed100m/min
Maximum acceleration1g
Slit width0.1-0.5mm(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Incision roughnessRa3.2-Ra25.4(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Maximum cutting thickness range0.5-20mm(Cutting ability is affected by laser type, fiber core diameter, and cutting head configuration)
Minimum setting unit0.001mm
Floor area of machine tool (mm)6000×30007000×40009000×40009000×4800
Host volume (mm)4850*2250*17005950*2750*17008100*2750*17008500*3500*1700
CNC systemCpyCut
Transfer methodGear rack dual drive
Maximum load-bearing capacity of worktable (tons)
Machine weight (tons)
Total installed power consumption (approximately)Laser power:1000W17kW
Laser power:1500W19.5kW
Laser power:2000W22kW
Laser power:3000W25kW
Laser power:4000W27kW
Power requirementsAC380V,50Hz;3P+N+PE
Total power protection levelIP54
DescriptionGS-3015\4020Optional laser power:1000W、1500W、2000W



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