Project Description

GS-RB Robotic Welding Machine


Product introduction


Robot welding, equipped with fiber laser, high-performance laser welding head, high-definition CCD vision system and world-class brand robots. It can be equipped with different models of configuration, such as laser 70-6000w, which can be configured according to different needs of customers. Flexible welding methods and configurations enable him to fully meet the current high-quality welding processes in the industry.

  • International top brand robot body, high precision and fast speed.

  • Six-axis linkage, automatic system adjustment, keep the best welding posture in any space, strengthen welding quality.

  • Provide remote training services, you can get started quickly without operating the foundation, and the robot welding software can be developed again.

  • Personalized customization, one-to-one design by the R&D team for different materials and different shapes of products.

  • The perfect combination of the high-definition vision system and light source fixed focus system, more convenient to use.


CNC Laser Robot Welding Machine with 6 Axis Robotic Process Automation

6 Axis Welding Robot Application

Our robot has been well used for many fields, such as steel structure, auto parts, steel furniture, kitchen light fixture fitness equipment, power tower, new energy, medical instruments, construction machinery, building template, electric car and motor car.


GS-RB sample1
GS-RB sample2
GS-RB sample3



Technical ParameterRemarks

Machine Model


Robot brand

Imported/Made in China

Depends on customers’ specific products and requirements

Robot load(KG)3~20KG

Depends on customers’ specific products and requirements

Working range of robot arm(mm)

Positioning accuracy repeatedly


Laser source

70~6000w optionalOptical fiber
Welding headWelding head/Galvanometer

Depends on customers’ specific products and requirements

Positioning system

Red light, coaxial vision CCD system
Input voltage



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