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High-Level Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With high-quality components and superior configuration, the high-level fiber laser cutting machine of NAVSTAR ALL-NEW brings you excellent cutting performance.


Double-Layer Detached Machine Tools

The structure of double-layer detached machine tools is a pioneer in the industry. The outer machine tool is only responsible for the dynamic load of the outer cover and crossbeam, the inside one supports the weight of worktables and sheet steel and the heat of a high-power laser. So this design can maintain the machine’s accuracy for a long time.

Modular Worktables

High power laser cutting machines work in a certain area of the worktable for a long time, which may cause deformation or even scrapping of the worktable. And the modular design only needs to replace the regional worktable which can reduce the replacement cost.

Servo Motors Driving

Servo motors drag the worktables, effectively improve the positioning accuracy and traction of the worktables, greatly improve the stability of the equipment.

ALL-NEW Design

Adopted with 27-inches HD screen which also is a man-machine friendly interface; ultra-high net space; two worktables which can forward and backward at the same time, which is suitable for special high-shell-parts cutting, and convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


10000W NAVSTAR High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Customer Live Video


navstar laser cutter sample 1
navstar laser cutter sample 2
navstar laser cutter sample 3
navstar laser cutter sample 4

Technical Parameters

Working Area6000mm*2500mm12000mm*2500mm
Stroke (X/Y/Z Axis)2550mm/6050mm/460mm2550mm/12050mm/460mm
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy≤0.03mm/m≤0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy≤0.02mm≤0.02mm
Maximum Moving Speed140m/min140m/min
Maximum Acceleration2.1G2.1G
Power Protection GradeIP54IP54
Laser Power15000W-30000W15000W-30000W
Maximum Loading Weight7T14T
Machine weight18T35T
Overall Dimensions15300mm*4200mm*2500mm28200mm*4200mm*2500mm



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