Project Description

NAVSTAR High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Product introduction

NAVSTAR main product

With high-quality components, ultra-fast operation and ultra-precise cutting, high power fiber laser cutting machine of NAVSTAR Series brings you excellent cut quality.

  • It adopts a gantry-type bilateral drive, high installation accuracy and large transmission torque, which guarantees uniform load on the beam, good dynamic characteristics, and small transmission tolerance. This transmission method is more in line with large-format, high-speed laser cutting.

  • Intelligent feedback device with a digital signal processing controller, which can be adjusted for different load conditions, stable operation, low maintenance cost, and fast response speed.

  • Transmit the susceptible signals with cables with shielding devices to reduce the complexity of the circuit and the interference coupling to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the machine.


Quality control & Safety assuranceQuality control & Safety assurance

Quality control & Safety assurance

  • Glorystar Laser’s steel stamp SN can be used for subsequent quality problem tracing and maintenance of each machine.

  • The entire series of NAVSTAR have owned CE marks, which approved that NAVSTAR series highly guarantees the safety of users.

Environmentally-friendly design

  • A partition dust removal device under the bed, patent-designed high-efficiency flow-conducting structure that discharges exhaust gas and helps protect the environment.

Environmentally-friendly design
Rack and pinion

 High precision operation

  • Rack and pinion from Gudel and Alpha, outstanding features of the smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force of linear drives keep machine high-precision, high-speed, high-intensity, low-noise operation for a long time.

  • The globally renowned servo motor and drive brands of Rexroth and Kollmorgen ensure high reliable speed, low friction, and extremely quiet operation.

Stable structure

  • Unique workbench patented traction connection and guide way to make the chain not easy to break, the workbench is not easy to derail.

High precision operation


10000W NAVSTAR High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Customer Live Video


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navstar laser cutter sample 2
navstar laser cutter sample 3
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