Project Description

PCB Online Marking Machine


Product introduction

PCB Online Marking Machine

PCB laser marking machine is a professional equipment for marking one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, text, symbols or graphics on the PCB surface. It is composed of laser marking system, XY precision motion platform, MARK+CCD precise positioning system, automatic adjustment system of conveying track, and online reading system. The software has comprehensive functions and is easy to operate. It is optional to use offline image editing mode for editing and debugging at any time. Laser processing is non-toxic and harmless, no consumables in production, environmental protection and no pollution.

  • Adopt nanosecond laser, suitable for various precision processing in PCB field, wide application range.

  • Fully automatic PC+QC software control, real-time monitoring of equipment operating conditions, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality.

  • Stable performance, long-term maintenance-free, low maintenance cost.

  • Compared with ordinary printing methods, its production has no consumables, environmental protection and no pollution.

  • Optional automatic loading and unloading device to realize fully automatic production and reduce labor costs.

  • Optional CO2/FAYB laser marking system, marking positioning accuracy can reach within 0.02mm.

Product Application

Application Industry: Tobacco, alcohol, beverages, oil drums, aquatic products, paper packaging, craft gifts, signs, equipment shells, clothing and shoe bags, IC industry, electronic components, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging.

Application materials: Plastic, rubber, resin, paper, wood, leather, cloth, quartz, glass, acrylic ceramic, PCB board.


PCB Online Marking Machine sample1
PCB Online Marking Machine sample2
PCB Online Marking Machine sample3
PCB Online Marking Machine sample4


Laser typeFiber or UV (optional)
Optional power (W)3/5/10/15/20/
Processing methodsF-θ galvanometric scanner
Working range110*100(It can be configured on demand )
Processing speed700 word/sec≤7000mm/s
Cooling methodwater-cooling
Position systemCCD+MARK Positions
Applicable PCB engraving sizemin50*50/max450*400
Applicable PCB thickness0.2-3mm
Allow PCB deformation<3mm
Track width adjustment systemmanual control
Track transmission speed50-1000mm
Smoke and dust treatment systemYes, it has
Power RequirementAC220V,10A,50-60Hz
Air Pressure Request≥0.5MPa
Speed of production lineBelow 120m/min
Use environment temperature/humidityTemperature 15 ~ 30 ℃, humidity 45% ~ 75%


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