Since the COVID-19 outbreak, The market structure has changed a lot. Among them, the demand for a large number of medical devices and the demand for processing of building materials have led to explosive growth in the metal processing industry. Many people are aware of the development trend of laser cutting in the post-pandemic era. Many traditional metal processing companies have gradually come into contact with the field of laser cutting. However, in the face of many laser cutting machine manufacturers, they feel unable to start. People provide suggestions and avoid detours.

First of all, proceed from reality and clarify what you are processing

Processing range

Currently, laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, electronics, technology, equipment, aerospace and other fields. For companies, the first step is to clarify their production range, what processing materials they need, how thick they need to be cut, and what precision they need to achieve.

Can the solutions provided by laser cutting machine manufacturers be practically applied?

Popular Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

After the needs of the objects to be processed are put forward, there will generally be professionals to connect and provide solutions. What needs to be noted here is that this solution can not only maximize benefits ideally but also maximize benefits while helping companies control costs. At present, the mainstream laser cutting power on the market is about 1500W, which can meet the needs of most daily processing and mass production. For companies that purchase a laser cutting machine for the first time, a small and medium-power laser cutting machine is the first choice. If you want to expand the processing range later, you can introduce a high-power laser cutting machine; if you want to simply improve the processing efficiency, then the best choice is to buy two or more small and medium power laser cutting machines.

The GLORYSTAR business team will integrate various factors such as actual production requirements and cost control, and customize solutions for each customer. Abandon the immutable model and configuration, you can freely choose the automation system according to customer needs. For some special cutting & welding objects, R&D will improve the equipment structure after referring to the processing object, cut in with the most perfect processing angle, design the optimal processing path, achieve the highest efficiency while saving investment costs.

Simulate production, whether the cut sample meets the requirements


Generally speaking, laser cutting machine manufacturers will provide sample proofing services. On the one hand, you need to pay attention to whether the cut samples have burrs and whether the processed materials are deformed. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to whether the cutting system is easy to operate and has professional operations. Training. The operators of laser cutting machine manufacturers often have rich experience, so the results of the cut samples are generally very good. Therefore, whether there is a mature cutting operation training system is also essential.

All GLORYSTAR equipment will be batch processed and tested according to the processing objects required by the customer before being sent to the customer site, and the customer equipment operation data, processing data, consumables & electricity cost analysis, etc. will be provided to ensure that every customer can rest assured after receiving the equipment Put into production. In addition, GLORYSTAR has a mature training system to ensure that the customer’s technical staff can reach the level of proficient operation in the shortest time.

Core accessories of laser cutting machine


The first is the laser. Compared with other lasers, IPG lasers have better performance, so the price will be higher; if from the control cost, you can consider domestic lasers such as Raycus.

Followed by the motor, guide rail, bed, cooling system, dust removal system, etc. These will greatly affect the cutting accuracy of the machine and the stability of mass production.

After-sales service system mature

For large-scale machinery and equipment, maintenance costs must be considered. After long-term use, more or fewer problems will be encountered, which requires consideration of the after-sales service of laser cutting equipment manufacturers. Whether you can get a prompt response after asking a question, whether the problem can be solved quickly, and whether you can resume normal production as soon as possible is an important criterion.

GLORYSTAR has been committed to the field of laser processing for more than ten years. It has always adhered to the concept of science and technology as added value and the quality policy of no quality without friends, and vigorously studied the core technology of laser cutting machines. Currently, GLORYSTAR has dozens of core technology patents and hundreds of appearance patents. The core structure of the laser cutting machine is independently developed and produced independently and put into use after the industry’s first 21 quality inspection procedures to ensure the processing efficiency and stability of each equipment.

GLORYSTAR has a 100-person after-sales team, spread all over the world, regularly visits the door to maintain the equipment and check the equipment operation status. In addition, after the customer raises the problem, we will propose solutions and technical support as quickly as possible, and help the customer to resume production as soon as possible through remote assistance or on-site visits.

glorystar market layout

At last

With the rapid development of lasers in recent years, more and more people realize that laser applications will surely become the backbone of future social development. For metal processing companies, more and more traditional processing companies have gradually stepped into the field of laser processing, so how to stand out among many metal processing companies and quickly improve market competitiveness is a problem that companies have to consider. GLORYSTAR will work together with every customer to bring more value to customers and society.


  • Customized laser application solutions by professional R&D.

  • The industry’s first 21 quality inspection procedures, each step is strictly checked.

  • Have core components and system design patents, master core technology.

  • Nearly 10,000 customers around the world have witnessed the rapid development of glorystar and are not afraid of market tests.

  • Mature after-sales service system, establishment of equipment maintenance files, regular equipment maintenance, quick response to news, etc.

  • With the mission of laser technology adds the value to customers.

  • Quality Policy: No quality, no friends.