Since the outbreak of COVID-19, competition in the laser processing industry has become increasingly fierce. How to improve efficiency and reduce costs has become a concern for most users. This article takes 3000w 6000w 8000w 12000w fiber laser cutting machine as an example to control the processing time and processing objects separately two variables, Comprehensive analysis of the cost of different power machine under different conditions.

As we all know, we usually use low and medium power (1500w 3000w 6000w) fiber laser cutting machine when cutting medium and thin metal plates. For thick plates, high power (above 8000w) is more advantageous. But the cost of cutting thin metal plates will become higher if you use an ultra-high-power (above 2000w) laser cutting machine instead of a medium-power laser cutting machine.

So to get back to the point, the cost analysis of laser cutting on the Internet is nothing more than a theoretical level and lacking actual data support. The following is the conclusion drawn by the GLORYSTAR team after a large number of actual tests and data analysis.

The first is the time cost. Time cost can be said to be the most important of all costs. This is directly related to the customer’s delivery date, which is the core competitiveness of the metal processing industry.

Cutting speed of stainless steel (N2)

The figure above shows the speed performance of different power laser cutting machines when cutting stainless steel of different thicknesses. It can be seen that the speed performance of the 8000w fiber laser cutting machine and the 12000w fiber laser cutting machine are far ahead.

The following are some representative data for different power fiber laser cutting machine.

representative data

Take cutting 8mm stainless steel as an example, if a 12000w fiber laser cutting machine takes 10 days, then 6000w cutting will take 15 days. Under the same conditions, if the delivery time of 8000w is ten days, the delivery time of 3000w will be one month!

6000W VS 12000W Cutting Speed | Cutting 25mm Carbon Steel

In addition, there is an important factor that cannot be ignored, that is, the cutting effect of 8000w & 12000w fiber laser cutting machine are much better than 3000w & 6000w fiber laser cutting machine!

Just mentioned the time cost, so let’s talk about the processing cost (electricity, auxiliary gas, consumables, etc.). Due to too much data, specific values are not listed here, but the results are directly discussed.

Note: The electricity fee here is calculated at $0.16/kw·h


Still taking the 8mm stainless steel mentioned above as an example, We calculate how long it takes for fiber laser cutting machines with different powers to complete the workload of an 8000w fiber laser cutting machine for 10 days (20H per day)

Time6.7 101530
Processing cost$2,216 $2,948$2,280$3,960

Let’s take the 4mm stainless steel that is currently in demand in the processing market as an example. (The restrictions are the same as above)

Processing cost$2,646$2,948$2,036$3,300
Processing cost

Our conclusion is: the comprehensive cost of 8000w and 12000w is the lowest, and the processing range is wider, and the cutting quality is better. Whether it is in terms of time or electricity costs, the cost is not less than 70%. For customers who already have medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines, purchasing a high-power fiber laser cutting machine is the most direct way to increase efficiency and reduce costs. If you do not have a laser cutting machine and plan to enter the metal processing industry, it is recommended to choose a medium-power fiber laser cutting machine to ensure the processing range on the one hand and control the processing cost on the other hand.

Last month, we visited Leonard. He purchased a 12000w fiber laser cutting machine in the first half of this year. Before that, he had two 3000w and one 6000w fiber laser cutting machine. He welcomed us and told us about the operation of the new fiber laser cutting machine. He said that at first it was just to cut thicker metal plates and expand the processing business, but in fact, this 12,000w equipment brought him more surprises. Before, there is a company that would occasionally send a batch of 8mm stainless steel plates for Leonard to help with processing.

Just catching up with this 12000w device has just been assembled, so Leonard immediately put it into use. On the first day, he found that the processing speed was much faster than expected, and the final delivery time was exactly half ahead!

More than that, after the supplier received the message that the processing was completed, he thought it was not processing as required, it would not be possible to complete it so quickly. But when he saw that the finished product was even better than before, he immediately wanted to cooperate for a long time. And in the next period of time, many companies have been seeking long-term cooperation, so that Leonard plans to purchase an additional 12000w fiber laser cutting machine this Christmas. As for the reason, he said that a 12000w fiber laser cutting machine processing efficiency is equivalent to two sets of 6000w processing efficiency, better cutting quality and lower labor costs. Moreover, since the introduction of 12000w equipment, orders have been increasing, which is the most direct point.